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Our Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS), RadManager (RIS) and network technology services provide a complete solution, allowing for nearly instant access to your images and our reports from any Internet-enabled computer. Radiology Associates P.C. offers a sophisticated, enterprise class system that supports over 1 million studies a year. Yet our pricing is such that small hospitals, clinics and physician groups with relatively low exam volumes can still take advantage of it. By offering a best in KLAS system to all clients, regardless of size, RAPC maintains the highest level of control over our products, images and reports. Comprehensive information technology support – from training to storage to networking – makes it a complete solution. We offer many storage-service options to meet your needs.


Our system allows us to interface with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Radiology Information System (RIS), Hospital Information System (HIS), Practice Management System (PM), or our Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS). This interface is possible, providing that it supports ADT/HL7 and/or DICOM. Our interface identifies your patients and tracks upcoming appointments and then automatically pulls in all known priors, from all known archives, so they are ready when your new exam is completed. When a Radiology Associates P.C. report has been finalized, our interface engine immediately sends it back to your system for immediate access. Online, printed and faxed reports are available, as well.

If you already have an image storage system, we can interface with that system. After performing a study and saving it to your system, simply forward the images to our system, then our subspecialists will read and interpret the images. Any image that our radiologists use to render a diagnosis is noted as a “key image.” Our system then creates a new image series, compiled of all the “key images.” This new series is then returned directly to your system. Providing your system is able to accept and append this series to the original study, your physicians can see which images our radiologists used to render their interpretation.


We provide secure access to your images and reports from anywhere in the world, via an Internet Web portal. This option is ideal if your system does not support an interface, or if you have physicians who do not use your system directly. Users simply log on via the Internet; once authenticated, they can view images and reports and even print results and “key-images.” We also offer a thick-client image viewer for more advanced users or those who desire a more sophisticated, radiologist-like, tool-rich viewer.


The success of our complete system is based on expert technical support—from training to storage to networking. Our IT team is efficient, fast, and available to answer your questions and remedy any concerns.